About me and my blog

I have been lucky in life: Lucky to be born in Canada and to have lived in England, Scotland, Switzerland and Spain; lucky to work in the tourism industry and to travel to beautiful places. Most of all I am lucky because everyday I take pleasure in seeing the colours, shapes, textures and compositions that are all around us. In this blog I gather and share some of the images that make me smile or sigh. It is often small things that catch my eye or my imagination. Sometimes I’ll share these visions and experiences by camera (more often than not, the ever handy iphone), sometimes I will find the inspiration, time and courage to try to express how they make me feel in drawings or paintings and sometimes I will try to describe them in words. I hope that by helping you to see some of the extraordinary beauty that hides in a very ordinary life like mine you too will discover that you are as lucky as I and you too might be happy.

I am also lucky enough to be able to share these experiences in English and Spanish so I hope that won’t be too confusing.

Soy el de la derecha !I'm the one on the right!

I’m the one on the right!

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